ACME web agency has been a leader in the industry since 2009 and we are looking for outside sales people, graphic artists, web designers and writers to help with our clients and promote our exciting new services both on a local and national platform.

Bakersfield Marketing Agency, Bakersfield Web Design, ACME

We have amazing new software that is connected to GOOGLE’S IP address that allows us to add a companies location, information, services, pictures, video, logo and many other things into over 70 web directories from one dashboard! To include Facebook, The Yellow Pages, Yelp, Google + & Google Business, Bing, and Uber to name a few. This service provides tremendous results in local searches and is $499 per month without a contract.

It’s a fact that people are doing their searches on computers and smartphones so the smart way to advertise is on-line. This is now the standard in the industry and newspapers, phone directories and other outdated methods are a distant memory when someone can just Google what they are looking for.

We are a full service web agency that specializes in SEO and responsive web design for business’s of all sizes. We are looking for new people to help with all aspects of our business. Our start up is growing rapidly and has been established on a debt free platform. 

We are a thriving, fun artistic web agency. We are also accepting interns if you want to get your feet wet (18-80). We offer incentives to keep things interesting.

Enthusiasm and a great attitude is what we are looking for. We want people that can help us grow our clients business. Fill out the form to be considered, list any qualifications you think might be helpful.



Currently we have openings for outside sales jobs in Los Angeles and the surrounding area and also on a national level. We are looking for sales people who are real go-getters that like to get out there and look for new prospects.

We provide full training, assist with closing deals and pay generous commissions. We have a great product that can help any business profit at very affordable rates. We also can help inexperienced sales people to be experts promoting our services in no time at all.

Outside Sales Jobs Los Angeles, Outside Sales Los Angeles

Bakersfield Marketing Agency, Bakersfield Website Design Company, ACME, Outside Sales Jobs Bakersfield, Outside Sales Bakersfield CA


Bakersfield Marketing Agency, Bakersfield Web Design, ACME



We are currently looking for:

  • Outside Sales Los Angeles

  • Web Designers

    Los Angeles

  • Graphic Artists 

    Los Angeles

  • Marketing Experts 

    Los Angeles

  • Programers & Coders 

    Los Angeles

Bakersfield Web Design, Domain, Email Hosting & SEO Bakersfield

Our sales professionals will get the first payment as an incentive. The client has to put a credit card on file to start our service so the commission will be paid immediately. Not only will we be providing our client’s an amazing service by getting their information out correctly across the board, we will also use our SEO skills so they come up in the directories for their targeted keywords.

Outside Sales Jobs Bakersfield, Outside Sales Bakersfield CA

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Outside Sales Jobs Los Angeles, Outside Sales Los Angeles